Graphic Tees Just Got A Lot Better at DDP Monograms & Gifts

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Our New Graphic Tees

In the past we were limited by our printing process (2-color MAX) - but that has all changed as of recently. We have updated our printing process with more modern and sophisticated technology. It gives a much more vibrant final-product with an almost limitless color-palette.

Let’s take a look at some of our best-selling tees in this category so we can show you how awesome they are. Both of them run true-to-size. You cannot change the monogram color, as we are pairing colors that will look best and hold up the longest on our t-shirts.

Custom Graphic Tees

Preview Some of the Tees

We put together a collection of some of the top tees we have to offer in this category. We’re excited to have you check them out!

Island Breeze Tropical Short Sleeve Tee

Island Breeze Short Sleeve Tropical Tee

Our Island Breeze Short Sleeve Tropical Tee has a wonderful floral design which fills the borders of the personalized initials seen on the front.

One of our happy customers says “Great! Looks better than the picture. I am very happy with the t-shirt and can’t wait to wear it this summer.”

This tee is currently on sale for $14.99 (originally $18.99) –  View Now

Flippin Flamingo Short Sleeve Tee

Flippin’ Flamingo Anchor Short Sleeve Tropical Tee

The Flippin’ Flamingo Tee has a lot to offer with its tropical and sea-shore themes. The image contains an anchor covered by an all-over-print and a cut-out in the center where your personalized initials go. The print which fills the anchor is a very fun, tropical theme featuring pink flamingos and toucans posed in and around native plants.

One of our happy customers says “Love it! Love this t-shirt design.”

Currently on sale for $14.99 (originally $18.99) –  View Now

Floral Pineapple Tank Top

Floral Pineapple Tank Top

If you’re in the market for a tank top to wear this summer, our Floral Pineapple tank top is one you should definitely consider. It features a pink pineapple covered in a multi-colored floral pattern and has an area in the center for your personalization to be placed. Like the tees featured it is true-to-size.

Currently on sale for $16.99 (originally $20.99) – View Now

Personalizing Your Tee

Tees are done with a vinyl heat-press technique.

1. Pick your color and size

2. Choose whether you’d like the initials to be in a male or female format.

A male monogram will be in first, middle, last order and all of the initials will be the same size.

Example: John David Smith: JDS

A female monogram will be in first, last, middle order and with the middle initial larger than the others.

Example: John David Smith: JSD

3. Select the font you’d like to be used. You will see what it looks like in the preview box.

If you have any questions or need help with your personalized tee, please  contact us